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Synthwave, Synthpop and Retro 80s

Submission Guidelines

If you want your track(s) played on Synthmeister Radio, we invite you to submit your music for consideration using the form on this page with a link to a track or zip file that can be freely downloaded (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

We do accept professionally produced music fitting the following genres: Synthpop, Synthwave/Retrowave and any subgenres (Vaporwave, Darkwave, Futuresynth, Outrun, etc.). If it has Synthesizers and a strong 80s vibe, chances are, we will like it!

Entries are submitted to a database that is perused regularly by our hosts. Please do not submit links to non-downloadable music (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) If we cannot download your file, we will have to waive your submission. We do not provide feedback on submission status, please do not follow up via email or social media as programming and shows are curated by hosts, not management.

File format

Please send MP3 files with a minimum bitrate of 192kbps. All files must have proper ID3 tags with song name, artist name, and album name (if applicable). You do not need to supply cover art, as artwork is automatically synchronized from official streaming services, as identified by the information in your ID3 tags, unless your song has not been published before. We cannot accept WAV files or other formats.

Station ID

If possible please include a spoken station ID or liner we can use as a bumper for the song.

“This is <your name> from [band], and you’re listening to <song name> on Synthmeister Radio”
“This is <your name>, and you’re listening to Synthmeister Radio”

Royalties & Licensing

Please note, that at this point Synthmeister Radio does NOT provide any form of coverage for royalties. By submitting your music through this form you are permitting us to play your music on our radio station and social media channels without limitation and warrant that you have, or have obtained, all rights, licenses, consents, and permissions to do so. Synthmeister Radio does not guarantee airplay.

Submission Form

Please provide a proper artist name.
Please enter a valid email address.
Please enter the URL to your Spotify page.
Please enter the URL to your Instagram profile.
Please provide a valid download link to your music.
Please enter a valid genre.
Please provide a short description about your music.
You need to confirm your complience with the rules.